About Nosleep Stories

What are Nosleep Stories?

Nosleep Stories are horror narratives submitted to the Nosleep Reddit that focus on a variety of different horror trope genre's. Written with the intent of that narrative being 100% true, authors and those reading and leaving comments adopt the understanding that the narrative they are reading is factual.

What are the characteristics that make Nosleep stories what they are?

  1. Considered authentic and real, and written to reflect that intention.

  2. All responses to comments in the Nosleep stories are handled as genuine as if the events took place.

  3. Stories can be singular, or series based.

  4. A degree of focus on Missing Person calls, "Gone Camping" stories, and Park Ranger tales. Some of the most successful stories have been focused on: Hauntings, walking alone in the woods, demons, and emergency calls.

  5. Macabre and often with negative outcomes and endings. People don't usually survive, or characters in the stories are murdered / go missing.

  6. Stories don't tie of with an ending that explains everything. There is an aspect of mystery, strangeness, and the unknowable in each story.

Link: More information around the nuances of what Nosleep conventions are.

What are the highest rated Nosleep Stories?

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