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Jul 11

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Aug 29Edited: Aug 29

Woo hoo! The website is getting so cool! I'm so happy to see how big your little corner of the internet is getting~ If you intend to do another cryptid/fae episode in the future, may I request you do some digging on the Valravyn? They're among my favourite creatures and I think you'd think its cool too.




Heyaa Divirsa Nulla! Mate thank you so much for swinging on by buddy. All my episodes will be popped up here as well, with images and wacky stuff that I'm narrating. Slowly growing thanks to people like you mate.


I'm always hunting for new cryptids / fae mate, so don't hold back - I love requests. Valravyn *scribbles it down* I'm going to have to do some research, thanks for being awesome and writing on the forum mate.


Cheers Divirsa!