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Episode 458 – SFGT |The Black Path of Fear & The Thing of Beauty [SUSPENSE!] πŸ“»

Episode 292

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The Black Path of Fear & The Thing of Beauty [SUSPENSE!] Old Time Radio episode.
~Jealously leads to nothing….but destruction…and sadness of the soul.


#1: Matthew J Bower

#2: Maya

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Welcome listeners to your Old Time Radio Monday, and mates the theme today is jealously, with a touch of madness. Your first remastered tale is a favourite of mine. The Black Path of Fear – A old time tale about love, jealously, murder and more.
This tale is exceptional in the adventure it takes listeners on, and the dialogue between the actors – cheeky, original dialogue that is also a product of its time. It will have you on the edge of your seat. The Thing of Beauty, was also a labour of love – I had to repair a significant amount of this work but it was worth it. The Thing of Beauty is a sad tale, love, and jealously of a different kind – in fact β€œlove” could have been seen as questionable between our protagonists but they called it love nonetheless. Turn the radio up, and enjoy an old school tale from a time gone by.

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Episode 292