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ShowCreepypasta Stories

Creepypasta are short horror stories circulated throughout internet. The stories cover horror fiction of all kinds, such as creepy creatures, scary monsters, gory murderers, awful crimes, and all horror storytelling fiction tropes.

Within Creepypasta stories are subject genre’s such as demons, magic, insanity, cults, supernatural, and much more.The most popular creepypasta stories though tend to be ghosts, haunted books, paranormal rituals, and cursed images. Each story carries with it a unique sense of fear and mystery.

When you think of Creepypasta stories, they’re the kind of tales that will make your skin crawl, or nightmarish thoughts that would keep you up and awake at night. These tales are designed to find a home in your mind , creating that feeling of paranoia, suspense, and fear. These tales are written by authors and listeners like yourself, exploring the idea of what makes horror truly terrifying.