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641: Crime Classics John Hayes, His Head and How They Were Parted 📻

Episode 478

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Crime Classics John Hayes, His Head and How They Were Parted 📻

🎉Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed the break! Mates It’s been a while and boyo I’ve been busy, soooo busy. The last week where I could only deliver Old Time Radio episodes, was related to the fact that I got a nasty case of Food Poisoning. It had to be, THE worst food poisoning I’d ever gotten.

💊I couldn’t go to work, I could barely fathom recording anything at all, and It’s like every part of my body was on fire. I’m not sure if any of you have ever felt this, but the point at which you think to yourself, “oh……is this…what dying feels like?” it’s sounds like I’m exaggerating, but if you can imagine a full grown man, shivering in his bed, whilst trying to watch buffy, and Mystery theatre 3000, that was me for 4 days. 🤒

😄This aside, I spent the entire time with family and friends, recovering, and enjoying the break, and now, I’m back with my second family, you lovely listeners.

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Episode 478