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635: Crime Classics | Seven Layered Arsenic Cake – Mini-Crime Synopsis 😎

Episode 472

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🍰When one layer of arsenic poison cake simply isn’t enough folks, today’s baker doesn’t just double it, doesn’t just triple it….but makes that cake a septuple goliath of arsenic proportions. Today folks I bring you a sad tale, one of misery, unhappiness, and eventual depression, of a woman. 🍰

🧪This same woman would be the first case in which forensic toxicology evidence was used specifically for sentencing. Was she guilty? Or was she set up? Hmmm let’s listen, and see what you think by the end of it. I have my tea ready to go in my hand, and I hope you do to. And if you enjoyed this episode, send a rating my way or visit my Patreon page. Now, turn the lights off the sound up, and get cozy with me, for a simply poisonous tale.🤒

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Episode 472