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586: Two Bloated Children | A Haunted Forest | Japanese Creepypasta 👻

Episode 423

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586: Two Bloated Children | A Haunted Forest | Japanese Classic Tale 👻
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Welcome listeners, to your creepy Wednesday night tales. And mates I have for you three Creepypasta’s hot off the press, and ready for your lovely ears. Your first tales is Children of Woodharrow Park by CertainShadows, a tale of children with an awful past, that haunts those they meet. And your second tale is a The Dering Woods – a forest of screams, where many were murdered…but for what? This tale is more of an investigation piece, and I’ll include links in this episode so you can do your own hunting. And lastly, Brancho Sarayashiki – a classic tale told with a modern mindset, a light creepy tale of old, with much of the hallmarks of a traditional Japanese ghost tale. So mates, sit back, turn the lights off and sound up, and lets bring on, the creepy.
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#1: The Children of Woodharrow Park by CertainShadows
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Episode 423